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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Times with Salmonella

Does everyone remember a month or two back when Presley and I had a mystery stomach bug? No? Well, let me recap. A month or so ago Presley had a 2 day streak of projectile vomiting in which she couldn't keep anything down...not even breast milk. Prior to that I had suffered from a similar, yet less severe bug. We just assumed that I had caught something and passed it on to Presley. No biggie.

A few weeks later when I'm still being plagued by random bouts of nausea I go through a few boxes of pregnancy tests...ya know...just to be sure. All negative (Thank you God!). Then I realize that Caedmon had been sleeping a lot and complaining of stomach cramps here and there. Then, Presley started randomly puking again for no apparent reason. I assumed we had another minor bug. No biggie.

Fast forward to today. I hear of the recall of a batch of Peter Pan peanut butter do to a salmonella contamination. I decided to check the pantry just to be on the safe side and sure enough, we've got 2 jars from the contaminated lot. Not only do we have 2 jars but one of the jars is basically empty...only about a spoonful left in it. The other jar was about 2/3 full.

Well, that explains it.

Check your peanut butter peeps. Any jar of Peter Pan or Great Value that has the number 2111 on the lid needs to be tossed.



I've heard of dozens of people with this peanut butter. Yuck!!! Glad you found out what was going on though.

9:15 AM


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