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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two days in a row!

Yep, that's right. I'm blogging two days in a row people. And I'm not even putting pictures of my kids in this post!

So, I've debated about whether or not to post this. I know that my son would be very upset if he ever found out that I put this story up on the internet for the world to see. However, at 5 years old he can't exactly log on to my blog and find out, so here goes.

Disclaimer: I don't normally find it funny when my children get hurt. But this was straight out of Americas Funniest Home Videos people!

Caedmon comes in from helping Kevin change the tire on our car and is covered in 15 layers of wet, dirty clothes. So, I instruct him to strip down before he goes upstairs to play. Caedmon, being Caedmon, can't just take the clothing off layer by layer. Nope, he has to try and take both of his shirts off at the same time.

I hear him making a big commotion in the hallway and tell him to come in the livingroom if he needs my help.


He turns around in a panic, wearing only boxers and both shirts wedged over his eyes with the sleeves flopping around on top of his head and starts running full speed ahead towards the livingroom. Before I can stop him he slams straight into the book shelf with his wee manhood taking the brunt of the collision. He falls to a screaming heap on the ground just as the wooden giraffe that was perched atop the bookshelf comes crashing down onto his head.

By the time I get Presley off my lap and scoop him up he has one hand on his bits and one on his head and the poor little guy is screaming "I'M SO SORRY I MADE THE GIRAFFE FALL!! IS IT BROKE!?!"

Finally Kevin comes down the stairs to find Caedmon writhing around in my lap, shirts still on his head while I'm trying not to laugh and Presley is screaming bloody murder on the floor. Apparently Presley doesn't like it when her brother cries.

Caedmon walked away from the incident without any lasting damage and the Giraffe, sadly, suffered a broken ear. Brad, you'll have to grab us another one next time you're in Africa.

But, has this knocked his spastic behavior down a notch? Not a chance.



Wow. 2 days. Impressive.

I love that you always have pictures up. Next time, take some and save them for me.

4:31 PM


Poor little guy. Glad he's ok!

7:53 AM


glue is a mom's best friend!!!!!

8:05 PM


Awww, poor little guy. Glad he is ok, though.

9:18 PM


I can picture it perfectly, esp with the pic below as a reference ;-)

5:51 AM


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