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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Proof that my Mailman is, indeed, on Crack

Exhibit A:
After eagerly awaiting a package* I gather the mail and find that it's not there. Not a big deal, slightly disappointed. 2 hours later I leave the house and the package is in my mailbox.

Exhibit B:
While awaiting another package* I delay leaving town to wait for the mail. The mailman comes, personally puts the mail in my hand, no package. I leave town. Two hours later Kevin calls to tell me the package was in the mailbox when he got home.

Exhibit C:
Yesterday, while eagerly awaiting yet another package*, I watch the mailman walk through my front lawn and throw an empty chip bag on the ground. As he leaves he brushes more trash out of his truck onto my driveway. No package.

Exhibit D (read:Undeniable Proof):
Today, while still eagerly awaiting the same package from yesterday...

9:30am: I take some mail out to the box to be sent out. My neighbors happen to be doing the same.

10:30am: I go check the box even though I know full well the mail never comes before 11:30. The mail I was sending is gone, my box is full of mail. The neighbors mail is still waiting to be taken.

11:00am: I check again to see if he swung back by to get the neighbors mail and, hopefully, drop off my package. Neighbors mail is gone. No package.

1:30pm: We leave the house to run errands. My much anticipated package is in the mailbox.

3:30pm: We return home. No change in the mailbox.

6:00pm: Kevin leaves for work. Comes back in the door moments later carrying a handful of mail from the box.

7.5 hours and 4 trips to deliver mail to one house? Obviously we're dealing with some heavy duty drug use here people.

*Yes, I know I get an inordinate amount of packages in the mail. Cloth diapers, the good ones anyway, are only available online so I'm usually getting a fairly steady stream of "fluffy mail". Sadly, this is the highlight of my life, therefore my mailman is always under my close scrutiny.*

On an unrelated note, here's some pics of the kiddos on halloween. You can also see Caedmon's trip to the Johnson's house here:



ROFL. I always love your posts.

11:22 AM


I think the USPS needs a major overhauling!!!

The pics of the kids are adorable :-)

1:01 PM


hey... i'm darla... i've been reading kevin's blog - found it through another blog... anyway, glad to see you've updated... i always love hearing from other moms. this post was great. i am in AWE that you use cloth diapers... you ARE the woman....

yes, i've also come to the conclusion that mail men/women are strange - why can't they just deliver the stinkin' mail... why all the drama?? also the garbage men... i once saw a garbage man look through my garbage and take some chips (old stale ones i had cleaned out of the pantry) from on top and, yes, eat them.... EWWWWWWWWW... what's up with that??

3:57 PM


That is hillarious...I'm going to point my older sister to you, she will love this!

8:26 AM


too the pictures...

laura mayfield

11:53 AM



Beware, church nursery ladies FREAK OUT with cloth diapers. Seriously.

9:28 PM


this is so funny. found your site while browsing Called to Fish, well actually found your hubby's one... like the crunch christian parenting bit te he...

i identify with this post... i think our junk mail delivery person is on drugs... there are 4 mailboxes in our line, all to gether, yet one of us usually gets ALL the junk mail, and the rest of us get none - sometimes we all get about 6 of the same, sometimes we get it all screwed up or sticking into the rain. do they not take courses on these things??? anyway.... ps the tutu pic of your wee girl is adorable! blessings, claire

12:37 PM


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