Adventures in Crunchy Christian Parenting

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

China Doll

Some friends of ours (who are from China but are currently living in Plainview) gave Presley a gift yesterday. I'm not sure what the actual word for it is, but I know the english translation is "tummy warmer". It's so beautiful that I certainly don't want to let my excessively pukey little girl wear it, but they assure me that all the babies in China wear them.

These pictures really don't do the tummy warmer justice. The embroidery work is amazing!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New pictures have been posted here.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Amanda's Horrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Week

Ok, so Kevin is walking Presley back and forth in the Library right now trying to afford me some time to post. So this will likely be short, sweet, and less than humorous.

So this week rocked. First off, it's become apparent that being pregnant with/giving birth to Presley has damaged my sciatic nerve. It's been bothering me off and on since she was born but this week the sciatica reached fever pitch. I've lost most of the strength in my right arm and leg and sitting in my recliner offers the most excrusiating pain imaginable. This is unfortunate as I'm confined to my recliner most of the day nursing Presley and, as an added bonus, I still sleep in my recliner due to the fact that my pelvis has not healed from the pregnancy. And that's why we call her Pelvis Presley.

Moving on.

After a day of gut wrenching sciatica, I awoke to find that I had come down with a nasty, nasty case of the stomach flu. We all took a fun trip to the Dr. to be given some meds that did nothing but make me drowsy which REALLY complicates the process of taking care of an infant.

It took 2 days for the flu to pass and I was down to just the knife in my sciatic nerve. But really, that's no fun right? I mean, that just makes life too easy. So, I awoke Saturday morning (the day I was supposed to attend not one, but two weddings) and my eye was completely swollen shut. Of course it was. I mean, that's what eyes are for right?

I thought maybe letting my eye rest for a day would make it better. How does one rest ones eye? I have no idea. So basically I ignored it on Saturday and it got worse. Duh.

So here we sit on Father's Day. We've been to the Family Health place that, thank God, was open today. I have some sort of nasty infection for which I was given drops. They said it could be TWO FLIPPING WEEKS before it clears up!

Good times.

Well, this was neither short, nor sweet. To make up for that I'll leave you with a picture of the super cool gift the kids and I made for Kevin:

And here's some pictures of Presley's uber cool Elivs diaper. An Elvis diaper people! Doesn't it make you all want to cloth diaper?! No? ok:

Friday, June 09, 2006

She's A Brick...House

Presley Claire Leggett - 10lbs 4oz

This week on "A Baby Story" :

Twins -
baby #1: 5lbs 3oz
baby #2: 5lbs 1oz
baby 1 + baby 2 = Presley

Triplets -
baby #1: 4lbs
baby #2: 4lbs
baby #3: 2lbs
baby 1 + baby 2 + baby 3 = Presley


And now our "little" 2 month old is 16+lbs and is wearing a size 6/9 months!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

To Clarify A Point Of Possible Confusion

In my previous post, I wasn't calling "them" Conservative Republican Christians, I was calling myself one. And, in doing so, was stereotyping no one. What I AM doing is giving an accurate representation of how my fellow Conservative Republican Christians treat me.

I have been told by my fellow Conservative Republican Christians that I have no right to call myself one. That they don't accept "hippies" into their fold. That I am, in fact, going against God (and, of lesser importance, the republican party) because I don't blindly follow the norms of society.

I've been called a hippy, a communist, a lunatic, and most revoltingly a democrat . Simply because I live outside the box. And all of this from the group of people I have chosen to align myself with.

So, am I blaming the Conservative Republican Christians for anything? No, I'm simply saying "Hey, I'm one of you. I'm on your team. Could you try not to be so judgemental of me, please?"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Crunchy

Everyone, at some point in life, should come to West Texas and say "We don't vaccinate our kids." It's good times, really it is. The looks you receive are akin to what you would expect had you said "I'm going to burn my kids on the stake tomorrow, wanna come?"

It's indescribabley lonely being the only weirdo in a small town of "normal" people. Heaven forbid you go against the flow, or question the word of the almighty doctor, or throw a little money towards the small health food store instead of marching with the herd down to Wal*Mart.

And for some reason Hubby gets a lot less flack for all of this. Why is that? Do people think that I'm the only one making the lifestyle decisions in our house?

So I have no friends. Because all of the stay-at-home-moms think I'm weird and all the working moms think I'm totally nuts.

And then there's our church friends. You'd think they'd give us a little slack, since we're all on the same team and whatnot. But, oddly enough, they're the most critical of anyone. Because, of course, if you're a Conservative Republican Christian you must cut all ties with anything that might smack of "tree hugging" or "dirty hippies". Shudder.


Could I BE a little more whiney? Did anyone hear Christ complaining about how rough his life was while he was hanging on the cross? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Tune in next time when Amanda stops throwing her own personal pitty party.